8 dogs removed from reportedly abusive home in Houston; why more states need an animal cruelty registry

HOUSTON— In an effort to minimize animal cruelty, Evansville, Indiana recently became the first city in 2018 to create an animal abuse and neglect registry.

Houston congresswoman Jessica Farrar filed a bill in 2016, urging Texas legislators to create a public database of convicted animal abusers. If passed, the bill could help prevent animal cruelty and ensure that pets are welcomed into safe homes.

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Julie Kuenstel at the Houston SPCA said the shelter receives thousands of reports of animal cruelty ever year.

In fact, Kuenstel said investigators with the Houston County Sheriff's Office Precinct 1 authorities helped rescue three German Shepherd dogs and five German Shepherd puppies from a reportedly abusive home Monday morning.

According to Kuenstel, two of the adult dogs were brought into the exam room limping. One was suffering from a broken bone and the other is awaiting x-ray results.

"We have a team of 12 animal cruelty investigators and they manage some 7,000 cases a year," Kuenstel said.

Farrar's bill was left pending during the last legislative session and will need to be re-filed again next year.

To report an animal cruelty case, click here.