Harmony school student arrested for Snapchat threat is friend of student, previously arrested for same crime

KATY, Texas— Another student has been arrested for making a social media threats towards the Harmony Public School in Katy, Tuesday.

The 15-year-old student claims to be the friend of the previous student who was arrested for a social media threat towards the same school.

The student told police that he was mad about his friend being arrested and posted the caption on Snapchat, “You think you’ve seen a threat, I’ll show you a threat.” He later posted a video of himself at a gun range shooting an AR 15 and 2 glocks.

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Other students who saw the post alerted the administration.

The student was arrested on campus and charged with making a Terroristic Threat, which is a third degree Felony.

“This is not a game or a way to get attention,” said Sheriff Troy Nehls. “I once again urge parents to have a conversation with their children regarding the seriousness of threatening posts.”