Critter News: Bull on the loose in Vegas, monkey rides dog in Colombia, and a rooster gets new lease on life

LAS VEGAS, Nev. - What happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay there.

At least....not when it involves a bull!

"That bull is intimidating. I mean, we're talking about an 800, 1200-pound bull," Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Lt. Carlos Hank shared.

Yeah, this was no bull in a china was in Sin City!

Even the local news went nuts over the sighting.

"The bull has been spotted. The missing bull. The bull that's been on the loose. We got it!" TV Weatherman Nate Tannenbaum announced over the early morning airwaves.

Officers eventually got a corralling the big guy without the bull or anyone else getting hurt.

"With that kind of beef running around the street, it gets kind of interesting real quick," Lt. Hank insisted.

"It was like, 'Wait a minute, that's not a horse,'" resident Raynelle Childs laughed.

And that's no bull!'s a hound in Colombia that doesn't mind having a monkey on her back!

Local authorities say this Capuchin monkey was removed from its natural habitat right after birth, so some locals paired the monkey with this dog.....who lost a litter of puppies.

The dog nursed the monkey-- and now the two are inseparable!

But....local police are trying to send the monkey back into the wild. That has some worried the monkey won't know how to survive, and the dog will certainly miss her new BFF.

Hopefully, they won't do that! comes a rooster in North Ccarolina named 'Hillard,' who got some help from these middle school students.

"He had a leg injury when he was a couple months old, and its affected the way he gets around," Hillard's owner and Career and Technical Education teacher, Amanda Coppley, said. "And it makes it difficult for him to eat and drink."

But all that's changed now-- thanks to this custom-designed rooster cart!

"Future engineers for sure!" the proud teacher said of her students who helped design the cart.

That's something to crow over!

Finally, it's bottom's up at Fido's Tap House in Oregon......where beer and dog lovers can tap into a lot of love.

It's a combo craft beer room and dog rescue center.

Customers can enjoy a cold one while kicking back with some friendly dogs who need a home.

The tap house found a local charity to help out.

"To partner with them, so that they would provide the dogs," Fido's Tap House owner Scott Porter clarified.

They also plan to donate 25 percent of their profits to local dog rescues.

Now that's a beer....with a lot of heart!