Texas ranked most lustful state in U.S. by WalletHub

HOUSTON - A new survey by WalletHub claims Texas tops the nation for most lustful State.

Yep, WalletHub decided to rank all 50 states by seven seedy sins to see which states 'give in' the most to temptation and Texas must be filled with sinners!

"Texas has always been independent, kinda against the grain, you know, with what America goes with," Adam & Eve Houston manager Bob Strother remarked. "We have a lot of diverse cultures that live within our communities, and everybody's just trying to search for something different."

Texas also ranked seventh for Jealousy, and Texans must be a bit vain since the state ranks seventh in that sinful category of Vanity as well.

"I think we should be higher than that, but I think today's time, the club scene, just relationships in general, people want their appearance to be in a good light," Strother said.

At least, Texans don't live in the most sinful state overall that title goes to Florida.

And Texas ranks only 43rd for Greed and 42nd for 'Excesses and Vices.'

But Lone Star lust is enough to make Texas the fourth most sinful state in the country!

Of course, if you don't like all that sin, you might want to move to Vermont. It's the least sinful state.