Tomball HS student arrested; C.E. King put on lockdown as campus gun threats continue across Texas

HOUSTON — Houston students are stepping up in a major way to help local authorities keep the city’s schools safe.

Tomball teens spotted another student posting a pick of an AR-15 rife with the caption “don’t go to school tomorrow” and immediately notified authorities.

Investigators said the student admitted to posting the image as a joke towards other students, but police agreed it was no laughing matter and he was taken into custody.

Administrators sent parents a note about the incident. Most of the community supported the decision to have the teen arrested while the threat was being investigated.

The 17-year-old has since been bonded out of jail.

More students had their education interrupted Thursday after a threat was called in at C.E. King High

The recent shooting in Parkland, Florida has many students second guessing their school’s security efforts.

“I personally, don’t think our school is prepared for something like this,” one student said.

And another added, “because there's no security in this school anyone could walk in.”

Meanwhile, college students at the University of Austin are on high alert after finding two guns in a campus bathroom.

“How did they just like forget something like that— and in the restroom too!” a UT student said. “Anybody could have picked it up at any point in time, and could’ve done something crazy with it.”

Students on Texas college campuses can carry concealed weapons on campus; a rule now under scrutiny by professor Lisa Moore.

“It’s only a matter of time before somebody accidently discharges a gun or one of these displaced guns gets into the wrong hands,” Moore said.