School threats in La Porte and Galveston keep area authorities scrambling to separate threats from ‘jokes’

LAPORTE, Texas— La Porte ISD released a statement Friday that they became aware of "a rumor posted on social media regarding a shooting threat."

Officials say the district contacted La Porte Police and security was stepped up.

"It's devastating to see what's happening," a parent, Lee Young, commented. "I know that it's getting bad and, you know, something's gonna have to be done."

La Porte PD tweeted the threat was under further investigation, but also reminded everyone "threats are not a joke and they will be prosecuted."

Meanwhile, this Snapchat threat on Thursday of a school shooting against 'B.H.S.' sent area authorities into high alert and multiple investigations.

As the screenshots circulated around social media, some worried this was a direct threat against Ball High School in Galveston as the post warned someone would unleash their wrath the next school day by bringing an AR-15 to school.

Turns out, the threat came from another state!

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office also investigated the Snapchat threat and determined the post originated in New Mexico and was apparently a threat at Belen High School in Belen, New Mexico. Not against any Houston-area schools.

In New Mexico, Belen PD confirmed on Facebook a 16-year-old student-- Jonathan Flores-- had confessed to making the threats.

"We're not gonna mess around with these kind of things," Belen Consolidated School Superintendent Max Perez said. "It's going on nationally, it's going on statewide, and we're not going to allow it to happen here in our community."

But Galveston authorities did arrest two students at Ball High School on Tuesday after 17-year-old Daryus Cooper later admitted to stealing a handgun from a vehicle on the Strand and bringing it to school, and hiding it in the glove compartment of a 15-year-old girl's car, according to the Galveston Police Department.

Cops say the girl also admitted she knew about the handgun.

Both students were taken into custody and face criminal charges.

As threats keep coming one can only wonder when will students learn crime doesn't pay!