Montgomery County residents encourage others to get out, vote

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It's election season and Houstonians want people in their community to get out and vote.

The nonprofit "Taylor's Organization" is on the front lines of motivating residents to get to the polls. “Today we decided to get all of our community together as one to do a rally to let awareness about voting, and what is understanding about voting in our community,” said Organization President, Allen Taylor. “We are getting out to vote to get them aware that there is a local election going on it is a gubernatorial election,” said Jodi Ruonavar the Precinct 82 Chair.

Voting usually dies down around this time of year when it's a local election, but community members say that's no excuse. “It still needs them to come out to vote this is their community, and they need to get out and vote,” said Ruonavar.

Early voting started on Feb. 20 and runs through Mar. 2. Election day is Tuesday, Mar. 6 with polls opening at 7 a.m. “We want them to take advantage of the fact that we have early voting at New Caney East Montgomery County Court House Annex today, and that's where the rally will end up, and we are making them aware of the location and where it's at,” said Ruonavar.

Don't miss your chance to make your voice heard.

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