Houston projected to have 65,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2030, according to new study

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HOUSTON - Talk about recharging your batteries!  Houston is projected to have about 65,000 electric vehicles on our roadways by 2030, according to a study by the group 'Environment Texas.'

The problem is.....the group says there won't be enough battery charging stations to keep those cars on the road unless the city adds more around town.

"By 2030, Houston will need a total of at least 2,300 Level 2 chargers and 100 fast chargers," Environment Texas' Clean Water Advocate Brian Zabcik suggested.

Now there's a movement underway to help solve that shortage and help 'green' drivers get plugged in. Environment Texas says funds from the Volkswagen emissions settlement and the Texas legislature can help add a more EV-friendly infrastructure to the Bayou City.

Some businesses are offering free charging stations to draw green customers in, and e-cars can get juiced up in a hurry.

The charging process is pretty seamless, too.

"Fast chargers can add 100 miles or more of charge within an hour," Zabcik revealed.

From driving Teslas to Chevy Volts, the e-car revolution appears to be charging full steam ahead!

"People think of electric cars as a novelty, but they're becoming increasingly common," Zabcik said. "Ford is planning to have 40 models available and has already agreed to put in just recently $11 billion into electric vehicle research."

There's even a local group called 'Houston Electric Auto Association' which meets every month to discuss everything electric.....even cars powered by the sun!

So, what's driving these electric enthusiasts?

For one thing, you can't beat the cost.

"We spend about $25 a month to keep our car going a thousand miles a month," Kevin Douglass of the Houston Electric Auto Association proudly declared.

And of course, e-cars are very environmentally friendly.

"So, they have zero tailpipe emissions, which really means cleaner air for us in our daily lives as we walk around," Stephanie Thomas, a researcher for Public Citizen, announced. "They have a much lower carbon footprint."

So, get ready H-Town......to ride the electric wave!

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