New technology looks to prevent school shootings

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HOUSTON— Around 100 law enforcement, security and religious personnel gathered at First Baptist Church on the Katy Freeway, to learn more about a new technology that looks to prevent mass shootings.

the new system known as E.A.G.L. or The Emergency Automatic Gunshot Lockdown System, uses firefly wireless ballistic sensors to detect the soundwaves of gunshots.

“E.A.G.L Technology is needed because we have to go from minutes, to seconds, life is speed and speed is life,” said Charles E Andrews with ASIS International.

With recent events, exhibitions like this are pulling a lot of attention.

“In an active shooter situation, people naturally, because they’re human, melt down.  This is where technology comes in.  Upon the shot the door locks.  They don’t have to think about locking the door, and that’s where you want to be in a run, hide, fight scenario where the obvious the hide part of it right?” Andrews explains.

The introductory level rate for one of these systems is going to run around $25,000, while all the bells and whistles will settle at around $60,000.

“Any business or school board they have to make a decision whether this is going to be a strong return on investment and there’s no better return on investment than students in a school,” said Andrews.

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