University of Houston says there was no threat on campus following investigation into social media posts

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HOUSTON - The University of Houston and the University Police Department announced that there was no threat to the campus after investigating a social media posts made by a former UH student Tuesday.

In the posts, the Instagram user made references to killing multiple people.

Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office also agreed that there was no threat, tweeting "The alleged incident involving @UHouston has been thoroughly investigated by us as the subject resides here. There was NEVER a threat to any institution at all. In fact, the subject has been in the hospital since Sunday. There is no threat."

The UH Police Department sent the following memo to students and faculty on Tuesday afternoon that read in part:

"Last night, UHPD received reports about troubling posts being made on social media. The comments from a former student were at no time directed at UH or any specific audience.  However, responding to general concerns voiced on social media, UHPD immediately investigated and confirmed that there was no emergency situation or imminent threat to our campus.   We understand such concerns and appreciate those who reported the activity to us.

Many of you may have been unaware of the events that unfolded last night. Rest assured, when there is an actual emergency or credible threat to our campus, a UH Alert will be issued. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the UH Alert notification system by visiting You can also update your emergency contact information here.

As always, I urge you to notify UHPD to report crimes or suspicious activity or provide information. UHPD can be reached at (713) 743-3333 or 911 from a campus phone. Non-emergency emails may be directed to

Thank you for your continued awareness and personal efforts that make our campus more secure."

Ceaser Moore
Chief of Police"

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