Houstonians rank in top 19% of cities that overspend on cars, local celebrities explain the obsession

HOUSTON—According to a new study by WalletHub, Houston ranks in the top 19 percent of cities that overspend on their cars.

“After a long working day, you want to ride in a comfortable car. It makes you feel good,” said celebrity jeweler Johnny Dang. “Your car is like your mini-home; it's like a man cave or your woman cave, so you gotta fix it up unique to your personality,” added rapper Paul Wall.

Houstonians spend 44 percent of what they make on their cars annually.

“It's not for the money, you do it for the pride. You want to feel good and look good in your car, and you just take care of your car and it's a representation of who you are,” Wall said.

Source: Wallethub

You could say we spend more due to Houston being one of the largest cities in the country, but let's be honest, in Houston, it's all about the look.

“It's Houston, so 44 percent is a high amount that we spend on our car, but at the same time, we love our cars and we love to do things that express us as a person,” said fellow car lover Brandon Shepherd.

For Paul Wall, riding in style is a lifestyle that won't be ending anytime soon.

“When I’m 80, y’all gone say 'There goes Paul Wall. That's a clean Cadillac he in,” he said.