President Trump hires campaign manager for 2020 run

WASHINGTON— President Trump likes his job so much, he's already lining up his campaign staff for the next four years.

In an unusual move, POTUS filed for re-election shortly after his 2017 inauguration.  Now he's hired Brad Parscale to run his 2020 campaign, even though the next presidential election is more than two and a half  years away.

Parscale was Trump's digital media director the first time around, despite having no political experience.  Using technology, he led the campaign's data analytics team.  Based on numbers and data, Parscale dictated nearly every move the campaign made during the final months; from travel schedule to allocation of human and financial resources in key battleground states.

He has drawn the scrutiny of those investigating Russian interference in the 2016 campaign and allegations of collusion, but Parscale has repeatedly denied any knowledge of that.

Last year, the Intelligence community concluded that Russia did interfere in the presidential race.  But the National Security Agency has not been given the authority to directly hit back at Russian election-hacking operations. Today the NSA director testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Sen. Jack Reed (D), ranking member, armed services committee:  "Have you been directed to do so, given the strategic threat that faces the United States and the significant consequences you recognize already?"

Adm. Mike Rodgers, NSA director:  "No, I have not but I if I could, I will say something in open and unclassified, but I'd be glad to go into more details in a classified."

Incidentally, Trump has already raised more than $32 million for his 2020 campaign.  Clearly he doesn't like waiting until the last minute!

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