Florida beer thief’s punch knocks out store clerk’s teeth

A brutal attack left a store clerk toothless over a pack of beer. Florida police are looking for a suspected beer thief who sucker punched Borhann Urdinn inside a convenience store in Lauderhill, Florida. “If I see that he was going to hit me then I could move it. I didn't see that I was not expecting that it was going to happen,” said Urdinn.

The incident was caught on camera. The force of the punch knocked him out, along with his teeth. “I saw this down on the floor, my four teeth down on the floor together. It was so painful I called 911,” said Urdinn.

Urdinn says he knew something was wrong when a familiar customer came in and propped the door open with a trash can. He says it was the same customer who has stolen from the store before. “I just told him that please don't do it again because you have a case,” said Urdinn.

Urdinn tried to stop the suspect from stealing an 18-pack of Heineken Beer, but ended up unconscious on the floor. The suspect took off and hasn't been seen since.

Meanwhile, Borhann is now wearing dentures and his medical bills are piling up. He's hoping that this video will help police find the beer thief. “For the small amount of the beer he has maybe gotten $20, but it's my life it's dangerous it should not happen to anyone I could die,” said Urdinn.