Man dies in gruesome accident after car stalls on Eastex Freeway

HOUSTON - A man is dead after a horrible accident on the Eastex Freeway Sunday morning. Houston police say a man's truck broke down in the moving lanes of traffic on Highway 59 North at  Aldine Bender.

According to police, the driver got out of the truck and went to safely wait on the side of freeway until help arrived.

While he was waiting, another truck came barreling down the freeway and did not see the stalled vehicle and slammed into it, which sent the truck spinning.

Sgt. Simon Chang with the Houston Police Department says, "The male party that was linked to the Ford F-150 was pinned in between the truck and the Highway 59 freeway barricade, the Ford F-150 caught fire and the male was found with no life on scene."

Because of how gruesome the accident was, police say they weren't able to determine the age or race of the man who died.

Houston police are investigating if the driver of the other truck had been drinking, and if so he will face intoxication manslaughter charges.