HISD considering how to move forward with Carranza’s departure

HOUSTON - Richard Carranza is leaving HISD, to work in New York City for the same pay, in the largest school district in the nation.

With a $115 million budget shortfall, and a possible state takeover looming in the shadows, Carranza bolts for the opportunity he could not say no to.

HISD board members met Tuesday to discuss the district’s next steps.

“We have three options, we can choose a short term interim, and do a search immediately, we can choose a long term interim and postpone the search until a time uncertain, or we can post the position and hire immediately,” said District 2 President, Rhonda Skillern-Jones.

But there's still the matter of Carranza’s three-year contract, and just how much he's going to get paid.

“We'll review the contract when our absent board member returns on Thursday we will discuss which of the options of the contract we will be setting forth,” said Skillern-Jones.

But as far as Mayor Sylvester Turner’s concerned, "Enough on Carranza, we wish him well, but now the focus is on the 215,000 kids that are still here depending on the rest of us to come together like never before.”