Walmart, Amazon, and Uber are stepping into new territory

HOUSTON— Meal-kits are a two-point-five billion-dollar industry, and one of America's biggest retailers is getting in on the game.

Walmart announced that they will now sale prepared meal-kits at stores across the country.

The kits include pre-chopped and measured ingredients with prices ranging from 8 to 15 dollars.

Walmart currently offers the kits in 250 stores, and plan to expand to two thousand by the end of the year.

But Walmart isn't the only company stepping into new territory.

According to the Wall Street Journal Amazon is said to be talking with J-P-Morgan, Capital One and other financial service firms to provide checking accounts for their customers.

The accounts are aimed at younger customers and those without bank accounts. The idea is still in the works, but let’s be honest, Amazon branded checking would make it easier for customers to pay for everything they already buy on the site.

Uber is also getting in on the action!

The company introduced a new program to help people get to and from their medical appointments.

Each year millions of Americans miss medical appointment because they don't have transportation. Uber health is partnering with health care providers to schedule rides.

No phone? No problem.

Health care professionals can order rides for patients up to 30 days in advance.  So far, the company has over 100 health care organizations on board.