Viral Videos: Boulders crushing cars on China highway, dazzling detonation of frozen river at China-Russia border 

Viral Videos; Boulders crush occupied vehicles on China highway, contained donation sparkles and dazzles

HOUSTON — Shocking video show the minute two cars traveling down a highway were crushed falling boulders in southwest China.

In the video, the cars disappear under a cloud within moments as the a third vehicle recording the ordeal slowly backs away.

The roads surrounding the mountain were closed off for hours as emergency workers removed the debris. Amazingly, no casualties were reported.

From falling rocks to exploding ice

A magical display looks like a scene from the Disney movie Fantasia — or if you're a millennial, the hit movie Frozen!

In the video, a contained detonation was conducted on the Heilongjiang River along the China-Russia border.

Workers strategically drilled holes into the ice before dropping orange tube-like explosives into them— breaking up the ice dam.

Russia's notoriously harsh winters often leave the rivers blocked with ice until the spring thaw.

Despite the mesmerizing ice show, some conservationists and online viewers are asking what about the fish.