Tax season scams are here! Learn how to protect yourself

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HOUSTON -- There's a new tax scam going around where cyber-criminals are stealing data straight from the tax preparer's computers and then filing fraudulent tax returns.

"Cyber criminals are highly-funded, highly-sophisticated, so all the preparers, no matter a big firm or a small firm, the firm should always have anti-virus software. The server should be checked by IT professionals," said accountant Devesh Pathak.

But these new criminals don't stop with your accountant.

They'll give you a call claiming to be the IRS,  but the IRS will never call you requesting money.

"Watch the computers for phishing, or fake phone calls, or fake emails because these people are trying to steal your e-service number, e-service password and they can use your credential to file fake returns," said Pathak.

Beware out there!

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