More millennials are ready for a social media ‘cleanse,’ survey says

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HOUSTON - Ever feel like disconnecting and going off the digital radar? Apparently, more than half of millennials are now ready for their social media cleanse.

A survey published by research group Origin reveals 34% of users between the ages of 18 and 24 have deleted their social media accounts entirely.

While 41% of millennials believe they waste too much time on social media, many others said they'd never actually get rid of it because they'd be missing out! Also known as "FOMO" in social lingo.

Platforms like Instagram and Twitter have also changed the face of online marketing. Influencers with hundreds and thousands of followers can make full-time careers from sponsored posts.

The survey said 43% of young users reported having bought something from an ad seen in their social feeds.

Whether you think social media is hurting or helping, there's no denying it has completely altered the way we communicate.

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