Selfie users seek plastic surgery for perfect selfies, according to new study

HOUSTON—In the age of smartphones with dual 4K cameras some selfie lovers are seeking a more permanent filter.

You guessed it— plastic surgery!

According to the Medical Journal Jama Facial Plastic Surgery, 55 percent of facial plastic surgeons reported an increase of patients wanting to go under the knife just to snap the perfect selfie.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Camille Cash says some of the things patients point out in selfies are often imaginary.

"It's important for patients to realize that selfie images are not exactly true. It's not exactly what the rest of the world sees. So not to get too caught up in imaginary or distorted images. Trying to get a permanent filter is not obtainable and it's not a good idea because what you see in a selfie is not translating into reality," Dr. Cash said.