Pain into paintings: Homeowner uses art to find comfort months after Hurricane Harvey

HOUSTON - Kelley Brumley has gone through various emotions and decisions since her home in Westbury flooded during Hurricane Harvey.

Brumley questioned, "Do I sell the house as is? Do I fix it up? How is that going to work financially? Do I lift it? Could I even afford to do that? Do I even want to live here anymore?"

Like so many in the Houston area, even six and a half months post-Harvey, the feelings are raw. In this last week though, Brumley has found comfort in one of her former passions, art.

"I haven't painted in a really long time. I'm a geologist," Brumley said. "It was good to use that part of my brain again. In just the week I've been painting, I feel better. I see a way forward."

Brumley made paintings of homes she lived in that were flooded, using leftover drywall from her rebuild as the canvas.

She's shared the photos of her paintings with a flood group on Facebook, hoping it will inspire others.

"I'm hoping it will encourage other people to take the remnants and do something with it, because it really has helped me break down the huge mountain that needs to be climbed to get over this flood stuff."

Brumley plans on doing a series of paintings, with her next batch turning scenes of people cleaning out their flooded homes into art.

Until then, Brumley encourages Houstonians to push for more immediate funds to come to the area in the video below.