University of Houston issues tuition increase, approves Doctorate of Medicine program

HOUSTON— The University of Houston announced Thursday the long awaited doctorate program for medicine was approved along with a tuition increase.

The Board of Regents approved the Doctor of Medicine degree along with a 3.5 percent increase in tuition.

"The state of Texas requires “tuition set-aside,” which requires universities to take a portion of tuition received and set it aside for financial aid. So any time tuition increases, the pool of available financial aid increases at the same rate," said a University of Houston spokesperson.

The increase will not affect current students who enrolled in the Fall of 2017 if they graduate within a four year time period.

"This is for variable rate; not applicable to the fixed rate tuition that students are eligible for when they enroll in the UHin4 Program. Seventy one percent of our freshman enrolled in UHin4 in Fall 2017 and thus locked in their tuition over the next four years if they graduate in four years," the spokesperson said.