California police on edge after officer killed in line of duty

POMONA, Calif. - Police officers are on edge in California. On Friday night, two officers were shot --- one fatally -- by a gunman during a standoff in Southern California.

Capt. Christopher Bergner, LA County Sheriff's Dept., says,  "The suspect ran into an apartment complex where officers gave chase. As he barricaded himself in a bedroom, officers attempted to contact him and he began firing through the doors striking two officers."

Both officers were transported to a hospital where officer Greg Casillas was pronounced dead.

Capt. Bergner adds,  "The other officer is in serious condition undergoing surgery... we expect him to be fine."

The shooter, who has not been identified, remains barricaded inside an apartment and the scene remains active.


Police escorted the fallen officer's body from Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center to the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office Saturday morning.

The law enforcement community took to social media to lend their support to a fallen colleague.

That's why it may be hard to stomach hearing a coffee shop in Oakland is refusing to serve police.

The Hasta Muerte Coffee Shop told a police officer in February they have "a policy of asking police to leave for the physical and emotional safety of our customers and ourselves."

A neighboring businessman can't understand it, saying, "Why? Why you do that? I mean, for me, personally, there's no place for any merchant to have that mentality in my city."

One Oakland resident explains why she's down with "The No Serving Officer Policy" saying,  "When you bring an armed and uniformed police officer into the community's safe places, just where we live, without taking that history into account, you're not taking into account PTSD. You're not taking into account that that triggers people."

Oakland City Council says there is nothing illegal about the policy, but it sure feels wrong when officers are paying the ultimate price while on duty.