Stormy Daniels offers to return $130K ‘hush money’ to Trump’s attorney in order to break her silence

WASHINGTON, D.C. - It's the storm that just won't go away!

Well, porn star Stormy Daniels says she's now offering to return $130,000 dollars of 'hush money' to President Trump and his lawyer, so she can start talking about an alleged affair she had with Trump in 2006.

Of course, Trump denies any affair even happened.

"We've addressed this extensively, and I don't have anything else to add," White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said last week.

Last month, Trump's longtime attorney-- Michael Cohen-- came out saying he paid $130 Grand to Daniels out of his own pocket for a non-disclosure agreement.....apparently to quiet the storm.

Now there are rumors Daniels-- whose real name is Stephanie Clifford-- taped a bombshell interview with '60 Minutes' for CBS and the network is actively verifying her claims before preparing to go to air soon.

But publicly, CBS is mum about the whole "affair."

In other circles, rumors are flying the Trump team could sue to stop '60 Minutes' from airing the interview with Daniels-- if it really exists.

"I think the American people deserve to hear from her and quite honestly, we don't understand why all of this effort is being undertaken to silence my client," attorney for Stormy Daniels Michael Avenatti declared.

Still, Stormy's lawyer says she's ready to wire the money as a refund to the president by Friday if he agrees.

Of course, Daniels would likely get a much bigger media payout for her exclusive story and any related materials.

So, sounds like the clock is ticking on this storm.......and this is one bomb cyclone that just might explode!