VIDEO: Woman removing water jugs from car almost run over by brazen purse snatchers in SW Houston

HOUSTON — Crime Stoppers and the Houston Police Department’s Robbery Division need the public’s assistance identifying the brazen suspects who snatched a woman’s purse, then almost ran her over in broad daylight.

At 11:20 a.m. on  Feb. 23, a woman was removing water jugs from her trunk while parked at Texas Pure Water, located at 6836 Ranchester, when a white Jeep Cherokee pulled up behind her vehicle. An unknown man exited the driver’s side rear door of the Jeep, then walked over to the woman’s driver’s side rear door, opened it and removed her purse.

The woman saw what was happening and attempted to stop the suspect from leaving, but tripped as the suspect was getting back into his vehicle. The suspects then took off at a high rate of speed, narrowly missing running over the woman and she fell to the ground.

Surveillance video of the crime was released to the public.

The purse snatcher is believed to be between 24 and 28 years old, stands 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet tall and weighs 190 to 210 pounds. The suspect has black hair, brown eyes, medium complexion and was wearing a red shirt.

Crime Stoppers may pay up to $5,000 for information leading to the charging and/or arrest of the suspect. Information may be reported by calling 713-222-TIPS (8477) or submitted online at