5th Circuit Court of Appeals strikes SB4 injunction; Houston’s immigrant community fears racial profiling will become norm

HOUSTON - Among chants of "Hey, hey! Ho, ho! SB-4 has got to go!" outside City Hall, Houston's immigrant community rallied quickly to the punch in their gut delivered by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

More chanting of "Undocumented? Unafraid! Undocumented? Unafraid!" filled the air.

The court knocked out the injunction against Senate Bill 4.

Karla Perez of United We Dream says, "SB-4 is hate, plain and simple."

You know the bill. It allows members of law enforcement to ask people about their immigration status when they're detained legally.  Opponents to  SB-4 believe it gives a green light to racial profiling.

"I never thought Senate Bill 4 was a good bill," said Mayor Sylvester Turner. "Didn't think it was a good bill then. I don't think it's a good bill now."

The City of Houston joined a lawsuit against SB4 and a lower court issued the injunction. But that injunction was only temporary.

One rally participant said, "We may have lost the injunction, but we're going to keep fighting."

Turner says no one needs to fight City Hall. While he did not call Houston a sanctuary city, he does say he's an ally to dreamers and their families.

"It's not just your battle. It's all of our battles and we're going to hang in and do it together because that's what the city of Houston is all about."

More chanting, "black, brown, trans, queer! Immigrants are welcome here!

Carlos Duarte of Mi Familia is optimistic.

"Voters will choose a new state legislature that will, hopefully, elect people that will repeal SB-4," he said. He's also realistic.  "Report instances of racial profiling. This is not only affecting undocumented immigrants. This is an attack on civil rights on all of us."

Those most affected by the court's blow say they're down, but not out!

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