Critter News: Baby chimp takes rescue flight, Houdini the goat, eagles tangled in PA, and an awful lot of geese!

THE CONGO, Africa - Here's some monkey business for you!

It'd be hard to find a cuter companion than this little guy for a flight to just about anywhere.

This cute little chimp named 'Mussa' was rescued from poachers in the Congo, and his trip to his new forever home was caught on camera-- including a little nap time and when he took the pilot's controls for a minute.

Looks like he's got everything quite under control.

Bet he could drive a flight attendant bananas, though!'s a story that'll really get your goat...

This wild goat in Kentucky made an appearance on a highway, but locals say the goat's been on the lamb for years!

They even call him 'Houdini' because he's known for disappearing in a hurry.

They say Houdini is often spotted along Interstate 65 in the Blue Grass State, but every time authorities arrive to catch the wayward goat-- Houdini does his famous disappearing act.

Oh well.....what ever floats your goat!

And after their big Super Bowl victory, we know Pennsylvania is the land of Eagles-- but these two birds got tangled up in the Susquehanna River after maybe a little too much post-season celebrating.

"When you see an animal, it's kind of instinct you don't want to see them suffer," Rebecca Weaver, the woman who found the eagles and called for help, said.

Officials think they were fighting but then got cold feet.

"Their talons were just so stuck from the cold, they couldn't release," Columbia County Game Warden Rick Deitrich explained. "Uh, it was like lifting up two 2x4s is basically what it was....and they actually started shivering."

Fortunately, wildlife officials were able to free the eagles, warm them up....and get them flying again.

Now they can go get ready for next season! is a bird? Is it a plane?

Actually, it's quite a gaggle of geese in Iowa.

And luckily, these birds don't attack!

Yeah, there's more than a few hundred thousand geese....all making an annual pit stop in the Hawkeye State.

"From like 500, 600-thousand snow geese on the refuge at this time," Peter Rea of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service declared.

Ah, seeing that many geese in just one magnificent sight!