11 arrested in San Antonio after allegedly sacrificing animals

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SAN ANTONIO - A case of animal cruelty in San Antonio had some neighbors at a loss for words.

"I guess It sounded like a man moaningish."
"Very shocked because it is not something you hear every day so it is not something that happens here"

Deputies were called out to a residence in San antonio's west side after several anonymous tips were called in. Once there, Bexar County Sheriff's arrested close to a dozen people after finding dismembered carcasses, goat heads and someone draining the blood of a chicken.

Sgt. Elizabeth Gonzalez  says, "It appears that they were having some sort of unknown ritual. They were speaking a different language that the officer did not recognize."

Those found in the garage were all wearing white robes and told deputies the ritual sacrifices were being made for religious purposes. The 11 arrested are facing animal cruelty charges, a Class A misdemeanor.

The surviving animals will be getting medical attention from bexar (bare) county animal control.

A neighbor summed it up perfectly, "It is very unfortunate that happened and I guess bizarre would be the biggest word and again I'm shocked."

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