Pollen is in the air and twice as bad as last year

HOUSTON - The first day of Spring is 'a blooming' and it's time to bask in the sun, watch the grass grow and oh, yeah -- allergies.

Seems like a blanket of poisonous pollen is covering just about everything these days. Cars, the ground and what we don't see. The force field of pollen surrounding our bodies.

The trees are attacking us! Oak pollen is up twice as much as last year.

Of course, we could simply wash the car, keep the windows at the house in the down position or jump in the bath as soon as we get home, but where's the fun in that and will it really ease the suffering?

Dr. Dat Tran has developed a spray that puts small doses of the pollen that ails you straight into your system with hopes of growing an immunity and causing allergy symptoms to disappear forever.