Sheila Jackson Lee calls for inspection on Primose Casa Bella Aparments

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HOUSTON -- Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is calling for Primrose Casa Bella Apartments to be held accountable and meet federal standards. On Sunday, she held a press conference bringing to light the neglect of the apartments to provide an elevator service for their elderly residents.

"I’ve been at the apartment complex a long time since 2008 and I really didn't have a problem with the apartments until the elevators went out and when I talked to the managers about it they were kind of ugly,” said resident Gloria Rogers.

According to the property managers the elevators broke a month ago, but residents say they reported it almost two months ago, and it’s still not been repaired.

“If they desire to come down for an afternoon in the sun they'd like to be able to come down on an elevator that works. I wish our federal dollars could be used properly to be able ensure that people are living in safe quality housing,” said Jackson Lee. “They know that they have people on these third and second floors that live their live-in wheelchairs and they use these wheelchairs to go to the office, the mailbox, the grocery stores, and they didn't care about the elevators being fixed,” added Rogers.

Jackson Lee says she reached out to the complex and found it concerning that she was greeted by a recorded line.

“There is no human being for these residents to be able to call when the property manager who is on site working very hard can't make anything happen,” said Jackson Lee.

The congresswoman has requested that HUD conducts a thorough inspection since the building hasn't been brought up to code.

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