Good Samaritan shot and killed trying to help a female assault victim outside a convenience store

HOUSTON -A good Samaritan who tried to intervene during a couple's domestic squabble was shot and killed Monday night.

According to homicide detectives, 75-year-old Frank Moaning was assaulting a female outside Citgo station at 8103 MLK Boulevard. That prompted Tamaurick Hickmon to get involved. Moaning and the woman both left the scene and the situation appeared to be over,

Our complainant intervened in the assault, and initially stopped the assault," said HPD Detective Sgt. Thomas Simmons.

Shortly after that, 22-year-old Hickmon was still sitting out front when Moaning came back, got out of his truck with a shotgun and took aim.  Hickmon tried to run, but the suspect fired one shot.

"Our complainant was seen running around the corner and he collapsed on the other side a block over. He was transported to Ben Taub Hospital.   About a half hour later, a male returned to the scene and he`s claiming that he was the male that came up and had the initial disturbance."

HPD says a nearby surveillance camera captured the whole thing, but they are not releasing the video.  Detectives working the case are still trying to figure out if the three people involved are connected.  They hope witnesses, especially the unidentified woman, will come forward to shed some light.

For now, they have one good guy in the morgue. One bad guy in custody charged with murder. And all sorts of questions for one woman.

The good. The bad. And the ugly truth!

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