Scam Alert! Suspects posing as Pearland city workers gain access to elderly woman’s home

PEARLAND, Texas - Pearland police say two men gained access to an elderly woman's home on Kelly Drive while posing as city workers.

“They then asked her to take them to the backyard, that they were going to trim some trees free of charge as a service provided by the city,” explained Officer Jeff Evans with Pearland Police Department.

The elderly woman was suspicious when one of the guys said he had to talk to a neighbor about an electrical issue.  When she went back inside, she caught him in her home!

The two burglary suspects jumped in a brown-colored pickup up truck and escaped.

The Pearland Police Department posted a scam alert message to their Facebook page, urging people to be vigilant.

They say anyone claiming to be a Pearland City worker should have a city of Pearland logo on their vehicle, and you should always ask to see an identification card or credentials.

And if you're still uncomfortable, don't be too embarrassed to call police.

“We'd be happy to send an officer to at least talk to them, that they are who they say they are and that they're supposed to be there,” said Evans.   “There's always going to be people out there trying to scam you, and if you take away their opportunity to do that with keeping up to date on what some of the different trends are, then you help protect yourself.”