Texas Chick-Fil-A donates profits to Channelview high school band

WALLISVILLE, Texas— A Texas Chick-Fil-A is donating all of its profits from purchases on Tuesday to the Channelview high school band.

The fundraiser aims to help survivors and families of victims involved in last Tuesday's deadly bus crash in Alabama.

Wallisville Chick-Fil-A  owner Joseph Decola said his thoughts were with severely injured band director Aaron Allison, who helped students during the crash.

"When we heard about what happened, Channelview has always been huge supporters of us and some things in business are hard but this was an easy decision," said Decola.

There are long lines as usual but supporters were happy to know where their dollars are going.

"Our hearts are near and dear to these children and Mr. Allison and everything that they've had to deal with," said local teacher Rebecca Hanzel.

Channelview Alumni also came out to support.

"I know Mr. Allison and I have two friends in the band right now so I came to support them after all they went through," said former Channelview student Julian Escalera.