Local METRO bus driver stabbed by passenger asking for help with knife, police say

HOUSTON — A local METRO bus driver is in the hospital Wednesday after being stabbed by a passenger in southeast Houston.

METRO bus 2498 was heading westbound on South Acres Street when it came to a stop on its route around 12:40 p.m.

Investigators said the suspect — blocking the other passengers from boarding — went to the driver and asked him to help close a knife. After a failed attempted to fold the knife, the driver offered to return it but the suspect refused. That's when police said the alleged assailant pulled out a second knife and stabbed the victim an unknown number of times.

"The bus continued to slow roll westbound through the intersection at MLK Boulevard, going over the curb and then hitting a tree. It did not make contact with the house," METRO Police Department Lt. John Wiggins said.

Police said the doors opened and the suspect ran away, heading northbound to Reed Road where he was arrested by the Houston Police Department.

Police said the victim was taken to the Ben Taub hospital with non -life threatening injuries.

Wiggins said there was one witness to the incident.

No other injuries were reported.