Family of unarmed man gunned down by deputy in Greenspoint seek answers

HOUSTON --- A family is left shocked,  confused and trying to understand why a deputy would kill an unarmed man.

34-year-old Danny Thomas was gunned down by law enforcement Thursday afternoon at the intersection of Greens Road and Imperial Valley in north Houston.

The family of the victim wants to know why the deputy didn't institute another form of training before firing his gun.

"He could have used pepper spray, his taser or wrestled him to the ground," Detrick Thomas, uncle of the victim said.

The Texas Organizing Project, or TOP, is demanding answers to the same questions.

Top leaders are calling out law enforcement to protect citizens from this "new" form of police brutality.

"We're calling out Ed Gonzalez the Sheriff and [for] all agencies require that there officers take training because this is senseless deaths. Unarmed men are being shot down by the police because the police is afraid and because they are afraid they are acting as the judge, jury and executioner," said Tarsha Jackson.

Thomas' family will take action against the Harris County Sheriff's Office. They are hoping that one day justice will be served.