Houstonians gather to support the fight against gun violence at March For Our Lives

HOUSTON ---  Thousands of students from across the country arrived in Washington, D.C. to fight for stricter gun laws. However, Washington wasn't the only city to see protest. In Houston, around 20 thousand people gathered in support of protecting lives and not guns at the March For Our Lives Rally Saturday afternoon. “Your job is to listen to us and we are all here right now with our voices ringing loud and clear,” said one student.

“Students are not leaders for tomorrow they are leading right now…enough is enough. Make America safe again. Protect our children, end gun violence,” said Mayor Sylvester Turner.

The protest has reached the heart of our elected officials, and Mayor Turner made a huge announcement. “This week I’m announcing the “Mayors Commission to End Gun Violence in city hall. We have to join with you. I don't want to get in your way, I want to walk with you march with you stand with you and say enough is enough,” said Mayor Turner.

Mayor Turner wasn't alone, Congress woman Sheila Jackson Lee was also there to show her support. “To say to the nation that Houston and Texas are going to be warriors against gun violence and warriors for peace,” said Lee.

The march ran from Tranquility Park and ended in front of Senator Ted Cruz's office. Cruz's office welcomed people exercising their freedom of speech and released this statement:

Sen. Cruz welcomes his constituents' engagement on all policy issues and the exercise of their free speech. He’s laid out a clear path to combat horrific school shootings by targeting violent criminals, putting more resources into school safety, and directing the Department of Justice to ensure that all federal agencies report convictions to the National Background Check Database. He has laid out a specific and thorough approach to solving this problem by updating and reintroducing legislation he originally filed in 2013 with Sen. Chuck Grassley. The only effective way to stop these mass shootings is by targeting those who violate our laws, not by taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens.

NewsFix reached out to the NRA for comment, but they have tweeted out, "Many high schoolers do not blame school shooting on guns and don't argue the answer is tighter restrictions on second amendment rights."