Students take a stand at March for Our Lives Rally in downtown Houston

HOUSTON --- Students from schools all over Houston gathered together in Tranquility Park and marched for a purpose at the March for Our Lives Rally Saturday morning.

March For Our Lives started in Washington, D.C. and branched out to different cities around the United States, including Houston. Students organized this event and movement to call for gun legislation, put an end to gun violence and mass shootings in schools.

At the rally, Mayor Sylvester Turner expressed how inspired he was by the young people's movement and decided to create the commission to end gun violence to help support their platform . "Students are not leaders for tomorrow, they are leading right now,” said Mayor Turner. “This is a defining moment for our city, our state, and our country. When I look out at the crowd and see what students have done in leading this rally, it gives us a great deal of hope.”

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