Haywood school officials explain decision not to notify all parents about BB gun

CANTON, N.C. — Officials in Haywood County are investigating an alleged threat against a student by another that led to a BB gun being taken to Meadowbrook Elementary School in Canton on Friday morning. They said the situation was resolved without incident.

Police were called about the same time as the parents of the student with the BB gun, which was confiscated.

Some parents took to social media, saying they should’ve all been contacted about what happened at Meadowbrook. But officials said the alleged threat was specific, involving just two students.

“We don’t want people to be concerned about something when their child was safe and sound and we knew that,” Haywood County Schools superintendent Dr. Bill Nolte said.

The discovery was made just before classes began. Officials said the principal was following up on word one student might have threatened another. School officials said the principal approached that student involved and discovered the BB gun.

They said regardless of the ages of the Meadowbrook students involved, what happened was nothing that could be ignored.

“We take every threat seriously, whether it’s high school, middle school, elementary school, we’re just at a point in time in our society where none of that can be dismissed,” Nolte said.

And regardless of age, folks in Canton are upset about what happened at Meadowbrook.

“Very depressing, to see how young people do sometimes,” Canton resident Bill Lane said.

“It’s very scary to know that you’re grandchildren have to go to school with this anymore,” Betty Lane said.

“It’s getting kind of weird, kind of scary for, you know, being a kid in school,” Haywood County parent Josh Buckner said.