HCSO releases dash cam footage of deadly deputy-involved shooting

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — The Harris County Sheriff's Office has opened an internal investigation into last week's deadly shooting of an unarmed man by a deputy.

Newly released dash cam footage shows the man, Danny Ray Thomas, approaching as off-camera Deputy Cameron Brewer yells repeatedly at Thomas to get down and "get on the ground!"

A single gunshot is later heard, which turned out to be fatal.

HCSO says this was deputy Brewer's only shooting since joining the sheriff's office in 2016.

Prior to becoming  a deputy, Brewer also served as an officer for the Cypress-Fairbanks ISD.

But what led to the use of deadly force here? Why didn't Brewer use a taser instead of a gun?

Apparently, the sheriff's office is still in the process of adopting other options.

"We want to continue to study and look at the use of force, not only in lethal but non-lethal—  with the use of tasers, for example," Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez declared.

Also, why is there no bodycam footage of the shooting?

"Just two hours before, the deputy had been issued his body-worn camera," Gonzalez explained. "So, he did not have it on his person, and it was being charged in his vehicle."

The sheriff says the entire deadly confrontation with the deputy happened in only 30 seconds.

In just half a minute, a life was lost and so many others were changed forever.

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