Cleveland ISD officials report couple in white van trying to lure students with box of puppies

CLEVELAND, Texas— The Cleveland ISD Police are investigating after a group of students reported a couple in a white van trying to lure them with promises of puppies.

“Both the male and the female have specifically attempted to lure or coax our students to approach said van under the guise of looking at “a box of puppies” or the “gift of candy,” said Cleveland ISD Police.

The van has been spotted in the Bella Vista Neighborhood off of F.M. 1010, and is described as being a white work type van with very dark windows and the license plates covered.

The students told police that the man has beard and usually has on dark sunglasses. The students did not give a description of the woman but said that she is not always with the man.

Cleveland Police released a statement that read in part:

“In response to these reports, CISD Police Officers are currently speaking to multiple students and bus drivers, gathering as much information as possible in reference to this alleged series of suspicious contacts with our students. I have directed / assigned several CISD Police Officers to saturate the Bell Vista and adjoining neighborhood effective this afternoon for increased, highly pro-active patrols of this area for as long as it takes to ensure our students safety.

Should ANYONE see this vehicle, matching the description given, you are urged to call 9-1-1 immediately, or you can certainly contact the CISD Police Department directly at (281)432-2908.”