Spring Allergies: How to tackle them & are they really allergies or the flu?

HOUSTON -- Spring has sprung and that means that everything is in full bloom! Including our allergies.

CW39 Houston's Maggie Flecknoe sat down with MinuteClinic Nurse Practitioner, Alex Hacker to talk about the symptoms, remedies, and whether or not you're experiencing allergies or the flu.

Also here's some resourceful info.

Signs of Allergy vs. Cold

  • Itchy eyes and nose
  • More tears than normal
  • Post nasal drip
  • Runny, nose, clear (like water)
  • Scratchy throat
  • Sneezing
  • Stuffy nose


Removing Allergies from the Home

  • Leave shoes outside
  • Change and wash clothes immediately
  • Keep windows closed; run AC
  • Dust and vacuum regularly
  • Change AC filter frequently
  • Wash bedding and stuffed animals regularly

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