Oh, that’s how it is? Houston, Chicago face off in art battle of the better ‘bean’

HOUSTON —  The battle of the beans heats up in H-town as we face off against Chi-town to see who has the better bean.

Chicago threw a few jabs over the internet calling Houston "unoriginal" and a "cultureless abyss" earlier this week.

Sure the "Cloud Column Sculpture" at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston has a slight resemblance to the "Cloud Gate Sculpture"  in the Windy City, but to call Houston cultureless?

Houston is a city that thrives in the arts not to mention our newest installation "Sky Dance," which is coming to downtown Houston.

"Sky Dance" is the largest art mural in the city standing at 130 feet high by 230 feet wide.

Artist C. Finely and creator of "Sky Dance" tells us Houston has some of the best culture she's even seen.

"Everywhere I go there seems to be really cool art and music. I'm so blown away by being in Houston. As far as the arts and culture go it's very impressive",  Finley said.

Hey, Chicago! Try stuffing that in your deep dish!