San Jacinto River overflows; Holiday Inn struck by lightening during overnight storm 

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HOUSTON — It's the new norm in a post-Harvey Houston.

"There's no place for the water to go anymore," resident Joey Barnes said. "The lake is full, it's filled with sand so the only place it can go is out of the banks."

Wednesday's thunderstorms and torrential downpours caused the west fork of the San Jacinto river near Highway 59 to exceed its banks Thursday morning.

"And one its out of the banks then its peoples yards and in there houses," Barnes said.

The National Weather Service has issued a River Flood Warning until 9:30 p.m.

Firefighters braved heavy rain and winds, responding to a lighting strike at the Holiday Inn on West Road.

"I heard a big bang that was it, and shortly after that," hotel guest Renee Mickelson said. "We had to evacuate."

"Crews arrived on location they did find smoke and fire," David Padovan said. "They preceded to evacuate the building and then started to do an offensive attack on the fire."

Everyone got out with no injuries as crews put out the fire.

"It did get into the attic the crews were able to get in there knock it down put a good stop on it," Padovan said.

So...still a concern around the river. However, the good news is the sun is shining and there's very little chance for rain in the next five days!

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