Determined symphony flutist keeps on playin’ during her brain surgery

HOUSTON — A flutist for the Big Spring Symphony has a whole new grasp on life!

Anna Henry has played the flute for over 50 years all while dealing with hereditary tremors that struck her at a young age. Unfortunately, over the years the tremors have gotten progressively worse.

They were so bad, at one concert, she had to keep her arm in a sling just to keep it steady enough to allow her to play. So Henry decided it was time to have a brain stimulation procedure done, which is supposed to reduce the tremors significantly.

She had the procedure at Mischer Neuroscience Institute at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center in Houston.

Her doctors recorded the surgery, and you can see Henry actually playing the flute during the whole ordeal! Before your eyes, the tremors basically vanish!

It's truly amazing!

Right now, Henry is resting in the hospital and is supposed to go home Easter weekend.