Children’s Museum of Houston hosts Sensory Friendly Day in honor of Autism Awareness Day

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HOUSTON — Monday marks World Autism Awareness Day!

The event has been celebrated on April 2 every year since 2007 when the United Nations proclaimed it.

Keyshondra Adams has a child with a disability.

"They're very limited to things they can do and places they can go," Adams said.

But not today! At least not at the Children's Museum!

"There out with kids just like them, having fun, and getting to do things they don`t get to do on a regular day with other kids," Adams said about her 7-year-old son.

Houston's museum has another name for April 2: Sensory Friendly Day.  It`s filled with different types of movement, textures and sounds during events with names like "sensory music shakers" and "play-dough fun."  It's a special day when the museum shuts its doors to the general public and opens them only for kids on the Autism spectrum.

"Most of our kids, when they're in crowded situations, they get overwhelmed and they tend to stay on the sidelines."

Erin West is a special ed teacher. Her students look forward to this field trip every year.

"They feel more comfortable without all the crowds and all the noise," West said.

"I think it's amazing! I mean, I think he gets to feel like himself. I think he gets to feel included, independent," Adams said. "I want him to grow to be independent. I want that to be something for longevity, not just right now."

Monday's an opportunity to educate all of us about one of the fastest-growing developmental disorders in the country.

By the way, April is World Autism Month, and at the Children's Museum, they sure had fun kicking things off!

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