Facebook Community Boost kicks off in Houston with pep talk from Sheryl Sandberg, Mayor Turner

HOUSTON — It's no secret Facebook knows a whole lot about you— but just how is the social media platform using all that info?

That may be the kind of thing Mark Zuckerberg and all his minions are keeping to themselves. But as you know, there was a data breach recently. Now the "book" has to put on a new face cover.

"Trust is at the core of what we do," Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook said. "It is hard-earned and it is easily lost, and we know we have a long road ahead of us to rebuild that trust. And you have my personal commitment from me and from Mark and from everyone that works at Facebook that we are taking this incredibly seriously and we are committed to earning back your trust."

After addressing the elephant in the room today, Sandberg helped kick off Community Boost in Houston, one of the first stops on the 30-city tour.  The program is designed to help small businesses grow and in the wake of hurricane Harvey, small businesses here can still use plenty of help.

"They're connecting people throughout the city of Houston and throughout the United States," Mayor Sylvester Turner said.

Community Boost is a series of free workshops.  Participants will learn how to use digital platforms to their advantage, such as Facebook`s free tools and ads to increase customers, connect on Instagram, or your smart phone and hiring tips.

"We want to help small businesses in Houston and beyond, not just grow, but thrive in a digital and global world," Sandberg said.

"Small business represents the engine," Turner said. "They are the economic engine of any city."

The free workshops run through the end of the week.

Registration is still open and just a click away!

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