Florida students upset over new mandatory ‘see-through’ backpacks

PARKLAND, Fla. — Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida returned from spring break to a new rule on campus— mandatory 'clear backpacks.'

"How am I supposed to carry all what I need daily in this? Evidently for everyone to know what's going on and they don't need to know," student Tori Sutton said.

The Broward County School District provided the new clear backpacks to all students.

Along with clear backpacks, all students have to carry new ID cards with them at all times as part of new school security measures.

But a lot of the students see the new see-through backpacks as a clear violation of privacy.

"Like, you have no privacy now no matter what," student Juliana Campos insisted.

"And we can't like, carry our things like discreetly," fellow student Kacey Bartley said.

Some students wonder how laptops will be carried now— not to mention band instruments and sports equipment?

"The little things they're trying to do is not going to change anything unless they change the laws," Campos said.

Some kids think metal detectors would offer a more effective solution to school safety.

"If somebody wanted to hide something in there they still can," Matthew Satar said.

Students say clear backpacks still would not have prevented the bloody rampage carried out on Valentine's Day at the high school where 17 were killed.

But clearly, after all they have been through,the Parkland students will put up with a clear backpack if it actually leads to some clearer safety.