Simon Says: Here’s why you can’t hate just Amazon!

Let’s just say President Trump won’t be getting any shipments from Amazon anytime soon.

No Trump shirts, books, Chia Pets or Talkin’ Key Chains are coming to the White House.

Because if you haven’t heard, President Trump has declared a twitter war against Amazon. Maybe it’s just personal because Amazon founder Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post, or maybe it really is  just about Amazon’s deal it cut with the U.S. Postal Service to ship all that stuff we want, but really don’t need.

But isn’t  fascinating to see a big business president go after big business?  There’s a lot of talk about who’s going to win this fight.

Amazon may have a monopoly on ecommerce, but you can’t say it’s at the expense of your local mail carrier.

So, today it’s Amazon, but what about tomorrow?

Are we going to see darts thrown at Google because we email instead of mail?

Darts thrown at a company like SpaceX because they are beating NASA their own game?

Don’t you feel when it comes to just doing things better it’s no contest between big business vs. big government.

Hey, If Apple ever opened-up a middle school, I’d be first in line to sign-up my daughter!

We all learn early life to not pick a fight with someone, especially when there’s a good chance you’ll lose. Perhaps it’s playing out right now with Trump and Amazon.

Although, the President would probably tell me I’m full of SHIP!