Dirty dishes ruining your relationship? Recent study says maybe

HOUSTON — Hey, all you guys and gals! You in a relationship? It's 2018, how do you split up the household chores?

In a recent study, Council on Contemporary Families reports washing the dishes is a dirty thankless job, but just might be the key to keeping a relationship going! And getting down and dirty on some dishes, might be just what the doctor ordered to ignite the spark in the boudoir.

The study also claims not sharing plate scrubbing ends up being the most damaging factor in the quality of the relationship.

It's a filthy job but somebody's got to do it! If it helps mom find dad more sexually attractive— well then, everybody wins!

Some ladies even describe their men doing dish duty as foreplay in its truest form.

The study adds 29% of couples actually take turns washing dishes.

We say, do ‘em as a team; one washes while the other dries. Simply stand in the kitchen and attack the gross stuff together.

Then soak in the love, baby!