Houston ranks No. 1 again as top city for dogs attacking postal workers

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HOUSTON — H-town is one the prowl and not in the best way!

Aside from winning a World Series against the Los Angles Dogers— Houston has beat out LA, yet again!

This time H-town is leading the pack as the No. 1 city for dogs attacking postal workers.

According to the United States Postal Service, an estimated 6,244-dog attacks were reported nationwide. Of those attacks, 71 of them happened in the city of Houston. Meanwhile, LA was left wagging their tales at No. 2 with only 61 attacks reported.

Terryl Ellis — who has been a postal carrier for nearly 12 years — says he's never been attacked by a dog because of a few simple rules. And he doesn't plan on it happening anytime soon!

"I'm checking out for locks that are on the fence and on the gate to make sure they can't get out," Ellis said. "And no holes up under the fence where they can squeeze from up under. And when you are walking, instead of being on the side walk sometimes you want get out on the street and walk from a distance when you hear barking early," Ellis said.

The big blue carrier bag isn't just for junk mail.

The thick bag is also used as a protective shield to fight away dogs in the event of an attack. And if that doesn't work, every carrier is equipped with dog spray.

"Your dog should be on one side of the yard and your mailbox on the other side. They should not be in the same spot. Just keep your dogs locked up at all times cause you never know when we're going to come by," Ellis added.

Talk about a special delivery!

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